Being a digital marketer today is like building a plane mid-air: requirements are constantly changing, and one can easily feel lost with all the new tools, formats and platforms. However, there are always people who skillfully navigate the ever changing marketing streams and successfully transfer their wisdom to others.

We have gathered a list of upcoming marketing stars from different industries, all of which deserve to be heard, seen and read about in 2017.

As the CEO to Optimizely, Dan specializes in optimizing sites and mobile apps through data analysis and personalization. Dan was also a Director of Analytics with the 2008 Obama campaign. He writes about his company’s news, digital A/B testing technology and general social issues. Read Dan’s articles on Medium. My personal favourite is Three Timeless Truths Entrepreneurs can Learn from Alexander Hamilton. You can also follow him on Twitter and Linkedin.

Quinn is the Director of Marketing at a marketing agency Vertical Measures. She an expert in developing content strategies for B2B companies and implementing efficient digital marketing tactics. Quinn does a lot of public speaking on the topics of content marketing and brand identity. Follow her on Linkedin, Facebook or meet her on one of the workshops.

Tommy is not only a successful digital marketer, but also a talented author and a great performer. He writes guest blogs for Hubspot, Unbounce and ProBlogger, on the topics of conversion optimization, and hosts the Inside The Mind show about marketing.

Here is Tommy’s Twitter and Linkedin and also his articles on Shopify Plus blog.

Michael has in-depth knowledge of video marketing: he is the CEO of Vidyard, an online video platform for marketers. Michael writes articles for MarketingLand on personalized marketing and efficient use of video formats and streaming media. Here is a pretty interesting interview where he talks about the Vidyard foundation, and also his Twitter and Linkedin.

Director of Marketing at MVMT Watches, Blake was behind the rapid growth of the brand, based on successful social media advertising activity. Blake designed a separate strategy for each platform, focusing on engagement through the latest platform’s features, like On-Demand Geofilters in Snapchat. He has a lot to say about data-driven marketing and the importance of content strategy for Ecommerce brands. Follow Blake on Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook.