In the world of digital marketing, the ever-increasing number of consumer devices and competing messages is making it harder than ever to connect with your target audience. With consumer attention spans at an all-time low, how can you ensure that your campaigns, bids and budgets are reaching the right people for maximum ROI?

Personalization can help you stand out from the crowd and connect with consumers across devices and channels. But getting the best results requires a combination of deep data analysis and automation, delivering the ability to accurately predict customer intent and learn on the go — adjusting experiences in real time, down to the millisecond. Intent-driven personalization uses powerful algorithms to analyze billions of clicks and learn which combinations of personas and creative perform best for various marketing goals, and then apply this learning across campaigns, channels and platforms, continually optimizing for your specific goals.

Delivering dynamic, creative content to a targeted audience creates better engagement, guiding consumers down the path to conversion. Here are four ways intent-driven personalization can help you reach your goals faster.

#1 — Optimize for audiences, segments and personas that convert

Analyzing rich data helps you understand and accurately predict customer intent. When you understand who consumers are and what they want, you can identify and target the people who are more likely to purchase or purchase again. By analyzing billions of consumer clicks to identify patterns of behavior and using those patterns to create unique personas based on actual customer behavior — not just third party data, which may or may not be meaningful — you can forge better target connections.

Predicting customer intent, including future needs, enables you to identify consumers who fit the bill for your product or campaign, making them more likely to purchase or purchase again. This means you can get the most out of your budget by directing spend at the consumers you’re more likely to get a return on.