One month ago, I was helping my friend with his social media marketing. (He’s a digital agency owner.)

“What social media channel is the most effective for you,” I asked him. “Which one brings in the most leads?”

“Hands down, it’s LinkedIn,” he told me.

“Okay, let’s take a look at what you’re doing there,” I said.

We started checking out his LinkedIn profile and activity. He showed me some of the things he had done that brought in a lot of leads.

What I discovered really surprised me.

For a long time, I’ve known that groups are one of the most powerful ways to generate leads on LinkedIn.

By my friend wasn’t doing a whole lot on groups.

Instead, he was driving leads through something else entirely — articles and posts.

“Posts” on LinkedIn are basic status updates — posting a link, for example. Articles are longer posts that you write in the LinkedIn publishing system.

I spent some time carefully combing through each of my friends shares and posts over the past several weeks.

Sure enough, he was getting a ton of engagement — views, shares, and comments.

As I kept scrolling and clicking through his profile, checking out stats, and looking at details, things started clicking into place. I began to see a pattern.

Quickly, I jotted down some ideas and sketched out a strategy.

When my friend put the strategy into place, his engagement shot through the roof. I’m going to explain this strategy in detail below.

But I wasn’t content to simply see one example of my strategy in play. I started examining the strategy of some of the most influential LinkedIn members (as ranked by LinkedIn).

The strategy I had developed was matching the best practices that these influencers were using.

I asked several of my friends to give the process a try as well. Again, success!

I don’t share any of this to toot my own horn. I tell you this, because there is a proven way to expand your LinkedIn influence through high-engaging techniques.

If you follow the process, you can increase your engagement levels on LinkedIn.

If your success rate is anything like my friend, you can get as high as 78% of your network to engage with a single post!

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