Credibly is a Fintech platform and business loans company, leveraging Data Science and Technology with a manic focus on the customer experience. Credibly provides a faster, simpler lending experience for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Credibly campaign is focusing on educating SMBs on making better working capital decisions.


The goal of this campaign with Credibly is to increase high qualified web traffic to confirm the market leadership position. Increase Newsletter subscriptions, social media following and form submissions are the key metrics to achieve the overall goal.


Credibly wants to speak to business owners and CFOs and provide them with their Working Capital or Business Expansion Loans. The digital strategy includes ads and content marketing to attract traffic to the website and convert visitors into customers.

Opentopic powers the content analysis and recommendations, matches it dynamically with the respective audiences and continuously improves the results through machine learning algorithms. Watson’s cognitive technology allows us to create dynamic buyer personas, have a real-time understanding of an individual’s needs/preferences/behaviors, and drive true 1:1 marketing.


  • Defined target audiences based on a cognitive understanding of their interests, demographics, behaviors and other factors
  • Defined metrics: engagement (UV, PV), leads (CTR for subscription banner), transaction (subscriptions)
  • Personalized content with call to action that leverage auto-publishing rules
  • Analytics that continuously optimize your engagement and lead generation efforts using machine learning technology

Outcomes / Insights

1st In Google Organic Search for ‘Retail Capital’

1K Expected Users Per Month From Paid Search

10K Global Followers Across Social Media