Sia for Cisco Spark

Get work done whether you’re together or apart with Cisco Spark tools like team messaging, online meetings and white boarding. And your new, digital A.I. team member Sia who is fully intergated into Cisco Spark and ready to help you get work done.



To start collaborating with Sia in Cisco Spark simply add her to any space from the bot apps and create a Sia account.


Configure Sia by clicking on link that she will send. Just say Hi to her.

If you sign in to an existing account, you will get to the instruction page with additional information. From here you can either go directly to your Sia account, or to your space in Workspace.

If you click Sign up, we will show you a form with some basic billing information.

After your account registration, we will move you to the subscription page where you can choose a plan according to your needs.

Pricing is set according to the number of users and associated API Calls. We monitor the number of users that are using Sia in your Workspace; when this number exceeds the number of subscribers in your Sia account we will send you a notification that your total account API limits might be reached before the end of your monthly period. If the total number of API calls exceeds your account limitations, we will send you to a subscription update page.

Starting a Conversation

To start a conversation type ‘@sia’ in front of the sentence. Simply say hello to Sia (@sia hello) or ask her a question about a person, product or brand and a related insight you need (@sia I need sentiment on Tesla).

Getting Help

If you are not sure what or how to ask me no worries, I am here to help (@sia help)

Asking for insights

You can ask me for insights with a very simple question, for example: @Sia I need insights about IBM, @sia can you give me insights on Elon Musk, @sia I woud like insights about technology

Specific type of insights

If you are interested about more detailed insights you can ask for very specific results. For Example: “@Sia I need sentiment insight about IBM”

Available insights

Available list of insights: Popularity trend , sentiment , location , popularity change , tag cloud , change in influencer score , change in popularity , change in sentiment compound , change in volume , combine sentiment/volume/social , highest influencer score , highest popularity , highest sentiment compound , highest volume , influencer score trend , lowest influencer score , lowest popularity , lowest sentiment compound , lowest volume, score, sentiment compound trend, volume trend

Latest articles

I can also deliver news and content for any entity such as a product, person, brand or industry. To do that simple ask me. For example: @sia show me the latest news on IBM in technology, @sia show me latest news in politics