Don’t you hate feeling out of the loop?

We’re done with Q2 now, if you can believe it. Writing an article about what trends to look out for in 2017 might seem a bit overdo. But for a lot of companies, particularly small companies and startups, Q1 can be largely spent collecting your bearings and strategizing for the coming year.

So at the onset of Q2, it doesn’t hurt to take stock of what the current digital marketing trends are. You might find you need to refocus your digital marketing strategy, especially if something wasn’t working in Q1.

1. Content marketing is still king. If you didn’t spend much time last year developing a solid content marketing strategy, it’s time to do that. When content is executed properly (both in its creation and distribution), it can result in massive returns for a brand.

2. B2C content creators are focusing on delivering quality. After all, content marketing is still going strong. Because there’s so much content out there, content creators know that their contributions need to be entertaining, informative, and creative.

3. People want images in their Facebook posts. This isn’t changing this year. If you want your Facebook posts to get more engagement, be sure to include a visual component.

4. Tweets should also have images. This probably won’t surprise you. After all, an image will help your tweet stand out from the droves of other tweets in your timeline.

5. Infographics aren’t dead yet. Why do people keep saying infographics are dead? They still perform very well! And they’re not going away any time soon.

6. Brand are crowd-sourcing their content. User generated content is nothing new, but more and more brands are catching on. This is particularly popular on Instagram.

7. The demand for interactive content is on the rise. Last year, everyone talked about video. This year, the trend is content that allows for participation and custom experiences.

This infographic walks through 7 big digital marketing trends you should keep in mind as you navigate 2017.

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