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Let me ask you a question – How critical is a mobile marketing strategy to your small business?

It’s a crazy question right?

Everyone knows they need to have a mobile marketing strategy… they need to have a website that’s mobile optimized.

You’ve read about the need for mobile marketing in online blogs and small business magazines.

Marketing consultants will march in to your office and help deploy a mobile marketing strategy – the heart of which is making your website mobile friendly.

Everyone says you need Mobile Marketing… But let’s put that aside for a moment… and let’s discuss the WHY!

WHY do you want mobile marketing for your business?

At the heart of it, most small business owners know they need to start mobile marketing…. But they don’t know why.

In a word the answer is: Money!

Money aka “Profits” are the primary reasons for having a mobile marketing strategy.

That’s why you started your business – to make money. That’s why you sell a product – to make money. That’s why you do marketing at all – to make money.

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