Cognitive insights & recommendations to create highly personalized experiences via a conversation UI



Sia with Watson is a powerful cognitive engine by Opentopic that leverages the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of IBM Watson and our own Opentopic Technologia Lab, enabling digital agencies and their clients, collaboration professionals, and banks and insurers to personalize at a human and behavioral level at very large scale. It is offered as a SaaS platform, designed to unlock real-time insights that lead to a better understanding of the customer and the buyer journey.

Sia with Watson allows you to analyze your own unstructured data to unearth meaningful insights hidden within. It is these hidden insights, brought down to a human, behavioral, emotional (aka cognitive) understanding that empower you to personalize at a level and scale previously thought impossible. Our machine learning technology adapts and gets smarter continuously to deliver ever improving results.



At a glance

  • Personalize at scale: Sia with Watson allows you to communicate and engage with your intended audience at a human-to-human level through unlocking high-impact cognitive and behavioural insights.

1. Understand and analyze

Feed Sia with Watson your own unstructured data or leverage Sia with Watson’s corpus of 300,000+ third-party sources.

Using Natural Language Processing and Taxonomy capabilities


2. Recommendations

Predict the assets that will guide the customer down your buyer journey.

Using Sentiment Analysis, Concept Expansion, Relationship Extraction, and Personality Insight APIs

3. Adapt and learn

Focus on achieving a precise campaign goal and optimize your strategy in real-time.

Using transaction goals, leverage Machine Learning to help your campaigns get smarter

Sia with Watson

Gain cognitive insights

  1. Understand your own, hidden data: Use your existing marketing, campaign, product or customer unstructured data to learn about your ideal audience, segment continuously and how to improve engagement.
  2. Leverage Sia’s cognitive engine to uncover valuable insights: Unlock deep, cognitive insights through leveraging Sia’s proprietary AI and cognitive engine to discover sentiment, personality, behaviours, relationships, concepts and attributes that were previously hidden.
  3. Recommendation engine – make the data actionable: Extract the data via Sia’s recommendation engine in a way that allows you to take action. This may be via an RSS feed, through auto-publishing to a CMS, or via an API integration.
  4. Track results and get smarter: Set up a transaction goal to identify successful outcomes. These results are fed back into Sia’s cognitive engine for learning and to make better recommendations going forward.

Create smarter strategies through insights

  1. Monitor unstructured data sources: The Sia data pool monitors up to 300,000 sources including news, social media, and a number of digital platforms. Choose as few or as many as you want. Or add your own.
  2. Leverage Sia’s cognitive engine to uncover valuable insights: With IBM Watson and Opentopic’s proprietary technology, understand and predict the most engaging assets that will guide the customer down your buyer journey.
  3. Understand and segment assets to engage your audience: Once you have segmented your audiences, understand what is driving engagement and use these insights to guide your strategy.
  4. Automate publishing with machine learning: Create publishing rules for automated asset distribution via RSS feed, CMS integration or via an API. Set up transaction goals to enable machine learning.

Create hyper-personalized smart campaigns

  1. Identify your customer engagement variables: Use either existing customer data and/or custom unstructured data sources to identify your defining customer variables and attributes.
  2. Analyze unstructured data: Leverage Sia’s cognitive engine to analyze customer and user data to enable personalized recommendations that are most likely to achieve your defined transaction goal.
  3. Hyper-peronalize and segment your communications platforms: Create personalized experiences based on Sia’s recommendation engine. Tailor your messaging through integrating Sia’s recommendations with your digital platform via RSS, CMS integration, or via an API.
  4. Automate publishing with machine learning: Automate your communications via Sia’s auto publishing feature. Track interactions and create campaigns that get smarter overtime, based on defined transaction goals.

Sia for Agencies

Let data + AI spark greater creativity

Cognitive insights are helping drive innovation at some of the top creative, digital, and advertising agencies in the world. Artificial Intelligence is already having a huge impact on the agency model, and will impact campaigns, and the customer experience in a truly profound way.

At Opentopic, we are working with a number of agencies to help create remarkable campaigns, in the following areas:

  • Cognitive insights (customer + buyer journey)
  • Hyper-personalized communication campaigns
  • Sentiment and entity extraction campaigns

Check out our Agency Partner Certification. We have partnered with:

Unilever | Dove RazorfishOgilvy


Sia for Collaboration

Add cognitive intelligence to your collaboration tools

Sia with Watson integrates with enterprise collaboration tools to help provide greater insights through knowledge hubs, and our interactive chat bot powered by IBM’s Watson. With Sia for Collaborations you can:

  • Deliver cognitive business intelligence on third-party sources with your teams
  • Enable your sales & marketing teams with cognitive insights products, brands, people or companies right within their workflow
  • Personalize assets and hubs around topics, events or products

We currently integrate with:



Sia for Financial Services

Personalized up- and cross-sell, and cognitive BI for banks and insurers

Retail banks must take SMB market share and maximize customer LTV. Institutional banks must understand their own data and access internal expertise to win that next big deal. Insurers must speak to consumers directly and empower their brokers.

Whatever way you look at it, banks and insurers must understand unstructured data to provide personalized responses if they want to strive in today’s competitive landscape. Sia can help to:

  • Identify and facilitate highly segmented and personalized up/cross sell opportunities for existing customers
  • Cognitive BI to structure vast amounts of highly complex internal data to provide the right information at the right time to the right person
  • Cognitive marketing funnel to create awareness and engagement with consumers and move them towards a transaction

We have partnered with:

Morgan Stanley BBVACredibly


How Sia With Watson can help build smarter campaigns

Smart campaigns are driven by deep, cognitive insights that produce actionable data, allowing you to personalize at scale. We have partnered with a number of incredible companies; check out some of our case studies below, or request a demo to see how Sia can work for you.


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