sia – artificial intelligence for Cross-channel marketing

Sia Personalize + Sia Insights

It’s no secret that in today’s world the human attention span is at an all time low and split across many screens and channels. A great challenge, and a great opportunity for the smart marketer.
Cross-channel Marketing – Make your stories consistent and smart across channels using artificial intelligence to always know what your user wants, personalize across channels, and ensure brand consistency.

Sia – workflow and respective responsibilities

Cross-channel Marketing

Consistency across channels

To stay consistent across channels you need tools that allow you to react in the moment, at scale, in personalized manner.

Automation, distribution & recommendations – all based on machine learning algorithms – help the smart marketer achieve this goal.

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Your customer touch points along the funnel have multiplied with the increase in channels and devices!

Understand your customer based on cognitive insights


Demographics, user data, social data, charts and trends just don’t paint a true picture of a person’s emotions, behaviors and needs.
Cognitive insights allow you to understand what motivates a person, in the moment.

  • Sentiment
  • Personality
  • Relationship
  • Concept
  • Entities
  • Geo-location
  • … and many more insights on what motivates a person when and where you need it.

With Sia you can gain real insights, personalize at scale and predict success.

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