We know how difficult it is to win business, go from project to project, and stay abreast of the fast moving marketing stack.
With Sia you will have a powerful weapon in your arsenal to win, upsell and retain clients for Insights, Personalization and Prediction projects.
Cognitive marketing helps you create new revenue opportunities, high margin support & integration work, and superior ROI for your clients.

Sia – workflow and respective responsibilities


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Bring proven, actionable cognitive marketing applications to your client’s needs for insights, personalization, prediction

Artificial Intelligence is a reality in marketing but executing on it a challenge for all.

With Sia you can bring smart strategies to your clients leveraging the best of AI and cognitive technologies from Opentopic and IBM Watson.

Help you clients win with cognitive insights, machine learning personalization and campaign predictions. We give you the tools, you bring the magic!

Sia comes with many pre-existing integrations for various data sources and the most used distribution channels – yet every client is different and requires some custom work.

Setting up and integrating new data sources. Custom distribution channels. Mobile engagement.

Design and UI work for web, mobile and campaigns.

Plenty of opportunities for you to shine!


Multiple data sources, custom insights, front-end UI, mobile experience or campaign integration; the opportunities to use Sia are endless



Campaigns, social media, content marketing, influencer marketing, ads – limitless opportunities to use cognitive marketing to drive success for your clients

A Ferrari is only as good as its driver, without a professional behind the wheel, no technology and AI will deliver the best results.

Content and stories. Social media, influencer marketing and campaigns. Reporting, iteration and new creative.

The agency of 2017 still does all of this, but she now does it based on superior technology and with a leg up on the competition!

You live in a world of projects and projects are tough – but with Sia you know have the opportunity to deliver value to your clients on a continuous basis.

Sia comes as a 12-month term SaaS subscription with upfront onboarding, providing up to 14 months of value.

Any new Sia client from an Agency Partner does not have to go through our mandatory onboarding and benefits from a 15% discount on our standard pricing.
Ample time for you to show what you got!



Sia is a cloud-based SaaS solution with a 12 months term, enabling you to bring all of your capabilities and resources to your clients across projects


Opentopic’s Partner Program enables digital agencies to deliver superior cognitive marketing solutions to their clients, and to more confidently retain their customers.


With Sia you can gain real insights, personalize at scale and predict success.

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