Opentopic’s Partner Program enables digital agencies to deliver superior AI solutions to their clients, and to more confidently retain their customers.


Our ”Sia Agency Partner Certification” prepares you to sell more qualified Sia subscriptions, to deliver superior AI solutions to your clients, and to more confidently retain your customers.

This certification is only available for agencies actively using a paid subscription of the software for themselves or, at least, one client.

To become Sia Agency Partner qualified, you first need to pass our “Cognitive Digital Marketing” certification course, which comprises classes on AI, unstructured data, integration, Sia Insights, Sia Personalization and Sia Prediction.

Sia comes as a 12-month term SaaS subscription with upfront onboarding, providing up to 14 months of value.

Any new Sia client from an Agency Partner does not have to go through our mandatory onboarding and benefits from a 15% discount on our standard pricing.

Ample time for you to show what you got!


Upon Sia Agency Partner certification, you will gain:

  • Guidance on how to package, sell and deliver the Sia solution
  • Agency focused training and enablement from the Agency Growth Team
  • Full technical, sales and marketing support.

With Sia you can gain real insights, personalize at scale and predict success.

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