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A Short Primer on Artificial Intelligence

A short primer on AI, what it can do, what it cannot do and what it means for marketing.
Used thoughtfully, AI can augment our intelligence, helping us chart a better and wiser path forward!

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Personalization for Publishers with Speed, Scale…And Watson

The combination of platform intelligence and relativity is the key to putting the reader first. Publishers must deliver qualitative and quantitative information in an environment that is ever-changing.

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You Had Me …At Actionable Data #CognitiveLove

How do we know where to begin, what our consumers want, and how to be sure we are heading in the right direction?

You Had Me At …Actionable Data

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How Personalized Newsletters Increase Cross/Up-Sell Opportunities for Banks

Delivering a more personalized experience means understanding the needs of each client in a far more granular way.

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Cognitive Marketing for Brands & Marketers

Our cognitive technology, Opentopic with Watson, delivers analytics and optimization for your content, digital assets or ads to engage and convert your target audiences. Make digital marketing predictive and scientific!

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Cognitive Marketing for eCommerce

SEO, keywords and ads are not enough anymore to be successful in e-commerce. E-commerce presents a unique opportunity to leverage content directly where your final CTA is: the product page.

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[Infographic] Personalization: A Top Priority

This infographic provides insights into the current state of personalization and how cognitive technology can help.

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The Future of Marketing is COGNITIVE

Developing evidence-based marketing initiatives that move beyond basic segmentation into true 1:1 individualization in real-time is the next big step for today’s top companies.
Where do we start?

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