Connect Customers
Sentiment Analysis, Concept Expansion, Relationship Extraction, Personality Insight, Categorization


With Stories
Natural Language Processing, Custom Taxonomy, Predictive parsing, Link Shortener


To drive Results
Machine Learning, Transaction Goals, Pixel Matching


The entire Opentopic architecture is built on or micro-services, which are available through our cloud platform or as standalone APIs


Web data extraction API.
Analyze and return content from a source URL , including:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Video
  • Image

  • jutro

    Predictive Source Parsing API.
    Monitoring various types of sources (FB, Twitter, Watson, RSS, WordPress, Google News etc.).

    Predict when source will have new, relevant content based on historical & predictive analysis.


    Data Services API.
    Storing data and providing API for filtering stored data by all types :

  • URL address
  • Watson API (Taxonomy and entity extraction, Sentiment analyses, Language detection)
  • krotki

    Link Shortener API.
    Link shortener and data extraction:

  • Track clicks generated by publications
  • Make short URLs and long redirects.

  • idealny

    Recommendation engine API.
    Providing recommendations based on content and audience insights.
    Each recommendation is stored in elastic search index, using keywords & filters based search.

    Architecture of our predictive source parsing API

    Predictive source parsing API

    Architecture of our Data Services API

    Data Services API

    opentopic rest-api

    The Opentopic REST-API is a powerful, fully documented ecosystem of standalone micro-services. Click the image for details.

    API Documentation