Sia Prediction

Sia – workflow and respective responsibilities

Optimized campaign

Your future is in your history.

If you have done similar campaigns for the same transaction goal in the past, you hold the keys to a treasure chest of information – deep data and predictive analytics are those keys.
Optimized Campaign – We can understand this data, identify what key success parameters drive the outcome of a campaign and extract all the correlated information.

score, classify and understand key success parameters.

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Once we understand what drives success, we need to understand how you are doing on each key success parameter.

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We can score your current drafts, campaigns for each of them, giving you a factual picture of where you stand.

Insights to act on

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Cognitive insights allow you to understand what motivates a person, in the moment.
Understand how to organize and read these insights, and go super-power your stories to make them personal, relevant and timely.

  • Sentiment
  • Personality
  • Relationship
  • Concept
  • Entities
  • Geo-location
  • … and many more insights on what motivates a person when and where you need it.

With Sia you can gain real insights, personalize at scale and predict success.

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