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Opentopic with Watson brings you the power of cognitive technology directly to IBM Workspaces – simply ask the @opentopic bot for help, enjoy your conversation and see the results. Through Opentopic with Watson you can access the power of IBM Watson to gain actionable audience insights, obtain interest driven content recommendations or perform keyword driven Business Intelligence.

Simply say hi to @opentopic in any message thread and follow the conversation to get news updates, entity intelligence or audience insights!

Content Recommendations

(starting at $4,500/month for Opentopic with Watson)

Make any content powerful and actionable. Upload your own or licensed content, or access our third-party content from over 120,000 sources. All content processed through the Opentopic recommendation engine is assigned to a cognitive taxonomy with over 1,200 categories of interest. Using Natural Language Processing we truly understand your content, score it for relevancy for each category and make it accessible through an easy to use filtering system. Define any set of interests, for example for a target audience, and Opentopic will show you the best content for it right within your communities.

Audience Insights

(starting at $5,500/month for Opentopic with Watson)

Understanding people is difficult enough, understanding a digital target audience requires a supercomputer. Define any type of target audience within Opentopic based on demographic and geographic information. Add to that a cognitive dimension by identifying them through their interests aligned with our taxonomy. Lastly, speak to their behaviors, emotions and personality through a cognitive analysis of what they say or read. Display widgets with the most relevant data right within your communities.

Business Intelligence

(starting at $3,500/month for Opentopic with Watson)

Want to track what the media has to say about a specific product, brand, company or person? Leverage Opentopic’s powerful taxonomy, parsing and filtering system to set up any entity search and obtain all relevant news in return. Filter these news by region, keywords, popularity, time or trend, and you will never miss an important insight again. Bring this news-feed right to your communities.


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