Sia Personalize – by Opentopic with Watson to get beyond 1:1 marketing

The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them. The foremost newspaper of world news, faces a challenge common to many publishers, how to convert website visitors into magazine subscribers.
At Opentopic, we use Sia Personalize, to hyper-segment their target audience and fully automate distribution of assets.
The goal of this personalization campaign with The Economist is to drive subscriptions for specific target audiences in an automated and smart way.
Digital Hubs by Opentopic with Watson – To increase subscription conversion rates, The Economist built dedicated hubs for highly targeted audiences at This initiative is articulated around the following concept:

  • Landing pages with content from The Economist analyzed and recommended for targeted audiences
  • CTA conversion tracking with machine learning algorithms to continuously increase subscription rate
  • The economist Publisher


    Opentopic with Watson powers the content analysis and recommendations, matches it dynamically with the respective audiences and continuously improves the results through machine learning algorithms. Watson’s cognitive technology allows us to create dynamic buyer personas, have a real-time understanding of an individual’s needs/preferences/behaviors, and drive true 1:1 marketing.

    Using Opentopic’s cognitive technology, The Economist leverages a dynamic webpage with individualized content blocks that are optimized in real-time.
    Customer segmentation is achieved by a powerful taxonomy and acquisition made through paid channels.

  • Defined target audiences based on a cognitive understanding of their interests, demographics, behaviors and other factors
  • Defined metrics: engagement (UV, PV), leads (CTR for subscription banner), transaction (subscriptions)
  • Personalized content with call to action that leverage auto-publishing rules
  • Analytics that continuously optimize your engagement and lead generation efforts using machine learning technology

    • Process unstructured data to optimize content libraries in-real time based on customer taxonomy – This allows us to monitor original & syndicated content that has been published across The Economist’s digital hubs.
    • Save time and work more efficiently with dynamic buyer personas and auto-publishing rules – An auto-publishing rule is used to serve content to each homepage : This is an Opentopic function that feeds each homepage with content optimized for the defined target audience.
    • Improve CX and drive subscriptions with individualized content – A segmentation rule is used to group prospects into defined target audiences: This is an automated function developed for The Economist that sends each prospect to specific homepages according to ad engagement.

    the results


    With Sia you can gain real insights, personalize at scale and predict success.


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