Publishers are feeling the heat. The business is digital. Social media channels the new kid on the block, and devices and distractions are challenging the advertising model.
Publishers need a new, smart way to tell stories, and to convert and engage readers.


Data for storytelling

Short of long-form, investigative journalism, storytelling – the ability to inform, educate, entertain the reader with new, relevant, exciting information – has become as complex as the media landscape with its many devices, channels and competitors itself.
Mining cognitive data from million of sources to gain deep insights into them, provides publishers with the editorial edge they need to win in this new world.




Smart personalization to convert & engage readers

Engagement is great, long live ads, but ultimately every publisher needs to convert readers into subscribers to be a viable business.
This can be achieved at scale and low cost only with automated personalization, getting the right story in front of the right reader at the right time and engage them at an emotional, personal level. 


With Sia you can gain real insights, personalize at scale and predict success.

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