Financial Services is at the dawn of a new era; from robo-advisory to deep data algorithms, no industry has invested more into AI than FinServ.
With Sia you can now bring the power of AI to your customers and business development efforts, with a ready to go, proven solution.
Engagement, business intelligence and personalization for retail and institutional banking, insurance and cards & payments.


Sia for Retail Banking

Retail banks are fighting hard over customers, especially in the SME market.
To have a powerful voice in this battle you need to understand your customers and engage them, across-channels, in a personalized manner.
Up and cross sell of retail products is a higher margin way to increase sales and market share.
An in depth customer understanding with a highly personalized outreach including “next best sale” data is the smartest way to get there.

Sia for Institutional Banking

Deals are harder and harder to win, the information and data increasingly complex and fast moving.
To gain an edge over the competition “Cognitive Knowledge Hubs” aggregate all of your information from emails, conversations, reports, etc, and make it actionable through Artificial Intelligence.


Sia for Insurance

Many insurance companies are spread out across products, policies and systems, and not fully harnessing the potential of up and cross sell to their existing customer base.
Feed your unstructured data to Sia, gain actionable insights and engage and convert clients for new opportunities.

Sia for Cards & Payments

The market is in firm hands and winning market share is crucial to success, and your marketing team holds a vital role in this by creating awareness and converting visitors and customers.
Optimized campaigns using predictive analytics and deep data enable you to achieve this at scale.

With Sia you can gain real insights, personalize at scale and predict success.

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