The livelihood of every brand and consumer business depends on its ability to understand and engage their consumers.
And to do so at a very large scale.
With Sia CPGs can gain cognitive insights into their consumers, personalize at scale and optimize campaigns before they go out.


Understand your consumer based on cognitive insights

Demographics, user data, social data, charts and trends just don’t paint a true picture of a person’s emotions, behaviors and needs.

  • Cognitive insights allow you to understand what motivates a person, in the moment.
  • Get sentiment, personality, relationship, concept, geo-location and many more insights on them when and where you need it.

Understand how to organize and read these insights, and go super-power your…
Editorial  –  Creative  –  SEO  –  Ads  –  Social  –  Custom Dashboard

Predict success, optimize campaigns

Campaigns that are run on past experiences, analytics data, social and influencer analysis just don’t cut it anymore.
If you want to know how your campaign will perform before you launch it, you need artificial intelligence to help you.
With our deep data tools and predictive analytics, we are able to break historic campaigns into key success parameters and tell you how well you do on each of them for your next campaign – before your launch it.
Optimize your spent for higher ROI!


The right story at the right time on the right channel

Owned, branded, syndicated or third-party – it does not matter whose story you want to tell but you need to know which story will work when and how.
With Sia you can:

  • Understand your stories
  • Classify them for a powerful taxonomy
  • Recommend the right asset for the right campaign
  • Distribute and track it
    Never again run out of a good story to engage and convert your customers!

With Sia you can gain real insights, personalize at scale and predict success.

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