Cognitive Digital Marketing - Opentopic with Watson

Discover the only platform that will allow you full personalization of your digital marketing campaigns using cognitive technology by Opentopic with Watson.  



Brands & Marketers

Brands & Marketers

Improve Brand Sentiment
Leverage cognitive technology to truly understand your audience and act on it across channels.

Increase Customer Acquisition
Build dynamic and personalized buyer journeys for your target audiences.



Drive Sales
Don’t sell the product, sell a story tailored to specific audiences.

Increase Brand Loyalty
Shift from product-centric content to consumer-centric content and experience exponential ROI.



Personalized Experiences
Dynamic webpages based on a deep understanding of individual value drivers.

Drive Subscriptions
Guide customers down the buyer journey with an understanding of the content that produces ROI.


Financial Services

Empower Your Sales Team
Empower your sales teams and engage your customer with cognitive insights into your research, financial documents and audiences.

Increase Up/Cross-Sells
CX drives loyalty-based revenue for financial institutions via personalized engagement across channels.


the economist

Time Inc

Pitney bowes

Comcast NBC Universal
Digital NYC

technology lab

As a wholly owned entity of Opentopic Inc., the leading Cognitive Digital Marketing provider in the world, we have the resources and skills to deliver leading edge cognitive services and research.
With over 5 years in business, dozens of clients and hundreds of projects, we have the experience and reputation to build a word-class ecosystem of technical talent.

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